John Walker, SiVenture


John Walker is one of the original members of SiVenture, a security practice within their parent company, NDS.  The role of the group is security evaluation of smart card chips and other security devices and John's role in the group is the application of physical attacks and the evaluation of hardware security.  He has been in this field for more than 10 years and has developed techniques and expertise instrumental to successful attack and evaluation strategies.  He holds a visiting professorship at Imperial College in London.

John studied physics at St Andrews University in Scotland and has worked around the world including 4 years at Bell Laboratories in the US and 5 years in the University of Trieste, Italy.  He has published over seventy papers in the field of semiconductor physics.













"We have one of the best equipped laboratories to help protect our clients’ credibility and brand image so new approaches to hardware security are of vital interest to us.   After a set of experiments using voltage contrast techniques, we found none of the attacks to be successful against an SRAM - based HIS solution.   We’re delighted to be part of this initiative to reduce barriers to the adoption of HIS. "


—John Walker, Laboratory Manager